Trackday Information and Rules

To ensure that all involved have a safe and fun day please familiarise yourself with the following trackday information and rules and legal notice. Please note that this event is a private hire restricted to registered riders and support people and guests only.


Riding Groups:

Group 1 (Red) - Fast riding. For expert/experienced riders.

Group 2 (Yellow) - Fast to medium speed riding. For experienced riders.

Group 3 (Blue) - Medium speed riding. For intermediate riders.

Group 4 (Green) - Slower speed riding. For novice & trackday first-timers.


Groups have 6 riding sessions each during the day of around 15 minutes per session. Groups will be called to the pit lane assembling area 5 minutes prior to start time. Riders may change groups during the day if group maximum numbers permit. Riders with more than one bike may be allocated an additional group only if numbers permit. 



Documentation & Bike Check        7.45am to 9.10am

Riders Briefing                             9.15am

Riding Sessions                            9.30am to 4.30pm


Riding Rules:
You may ride at your own pace. 
When slowing down or exiting to pit lane indicate by raising your left arm. Stay to the outside of the track (right-side for Pukekohe, left-side for Manfeild) when exiting to pit lane (40kph speed limit). Do not ride the track, pit lane or anywhere on the circuit in a reverse direction. No stoppies or wheelies permitted on the track or pit lane.


Yellow Flag: Caution, slow down and be aware of a change with track conditions.

Red Flag:  Session halted. Slow down, be aware of track conditions and exit at pit lane. Red flags may be deployed with the Ambulance Flag.

Ambulance Flag (white with red cross): Ambulance on track, slow down and give way to ambulance. With red flag exit at pit lane.

Black Flag: Flagged rider must immediately exit at pit lane and report to flag control. There may be an issue with your bike.

Chequered Flag: End of session. Slow down and exit at pit lane.

Documentation and Bike Check:
All riders and pillions must complete documentation and bike check.
All riders must have a NZ motorcycle licence or an MNZ race licence or their international equivalents.

Learner or restricted licence riders may be limited to the slower riding groups.
All bikes will be attend Bike Check for mechanical fitness. Bikes that are damaged or breakdown on the track must attend Bike Check again before returning to the track.
Riding gear (helmet, clothing, boots and gloves) must be to an approved standard.

The Bike Checker's decision on mechanical fitness and acceptable riding gear is absolute and final. 

Legal Notice:
Moto Track Time Limited (MotoTT) and or Playday on Track Limited (Playday) reserves the right to change or alter the abovementioned track day information, rules and time schedule at any time as MotoTT/ Playday sees fit.

No persons, pillion riders or any vehicle, other than registered riders and their Bike Checked motorcycles, are permitted on the track at any time unless specifically authorised by MotoTT/ Playday.

MotoTT/ Playday reserves the right to expel any rider or support person or guest at any time as MotoTT/ Playday sees fit and no refund of any monies will be given.

MotoTT/ Playday will not be held responsible for any injury to or death of any person or the loss or damage to the property of any person participating in or attending this track day whether caused by failure of MotoTT/ Playday or its employees, agents, subcontractors, associates or promotional partners to comply with any of the terms of this Agreement or by their negligence or fault.

For reasons of Force Majeure MotoTT / Playday reserves the right to postpone or cancel this track day. Should this track day or any part thereof be cancelled, a refund of any monies will only be made at the sole discretion of MotoTT / Playday.

MotoTT / Playday will not enter into any correspondence with regard to any claim that may arise from the participation or attendance by any person at this track day. (Moto Track Time Limited verDC0108).( Playday on Track Limited)

Moto Track Time Limited 2006 – All Rights Reserved

                                   Playday on Track Limited 2006- All Rights Reserved